The Refugee

“A refugee is a man, woman or child at their most vulnerable: forced from their home, living without protection of their state, and in many cases without the bare means of survival. It is the human condition that tests our belief that all human beings have equal rights and deserve protection.”

Angelina Jolie, special envoy of the UNHCR

Why Governments Are Not the Ones That Have to Assist Refugees?

As the number of people seeking refuge has reached dimensions never experienced before, not only the United States but governments all over the world are introducing new deterrent policies and closing their doors as tight as they can.

One out of every 113 people alive today,

24 people per minute worldwide

68 million people around the world

an amount equal to a fifth of the population of America, nearly half that of Russia and more than the entire population of Britain, or France- are today refugees.

This is the defining issue of our world today.

“Behind the faceless words “refugee,” “returnee,” “economic migrant,” lie the faces of a starving child, a desperate mother, or a sick old man.”

Crown Prince El Hassan Bin Talal

“People seeking refuge are not fleeing poverty, they are fleeing danger.”

Paul Collier and Alexander Betts

“What a terrible misfortune it is no longer to have any country to recognize and protect you”

Paul Tournier