Become an Oz Stakeholder

Oz Stakeholders

Oz stakeholders are persons or organizations dedicated to something other than their own self- interest.

They are  moral communities driven by a desire to save lives, alleviate suffering, and promote human dignity in the middle of human-made or natural disasters


What unites Oz stakeholders, whether they are secular or religious, is their shared sense of what cannot be defined as other than the sacred in the support they provide.


Oz stakeholders are leaders who are willing to learn and then, together provide a vision of desirable goals, articulate feasible plans for reaching them and inspire enough people to move in that path along with them.


Through the year Oz Stakeholders

  • are kept updated about issues of their concern and opportunities to support their causes
  • are offered presentations by the top experts in specific issues
  • they are consulted about different initiatives,
  • are invited to become part of delegations  meeting with leaders in a position to help find solutions to problems identified by Oz

“Great social transformations
- the end of slavery,
the women’s and civil rights movements,
the end of colonial rule,
the birth of environmentalism-
all began with public awareness and engagement.
Our political leaders followed rather than led.
It was scientists, engineers, churchgoers and young people who truly led the way.”

Jeffrey Sachs

How to Become an Oz Stakeholder

To Become and Oz Stakeholder fill the registration form and include your $250 annual registration fee


Dr. Salman Zarka Director General of Ziv Medical Center, and one of the architects of Israel’s humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

Senator Bob Menendez
US Representative Donna Shalala
Mrs. Marjorie Epstein Aloni
Edgardo Defortuna, President and Ceo of Fortune International Reality; Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, Past President of the Israeli Association of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgeons
Dr. Basel Termanini, Syrian American Medical Society, VP; Dr. Salman Zarka, Ziv Medical Center, General Director; Rabbi Moshe Pitchon; Pastor Nilsa Alvarez; Professor Robert G. Rabil, Florida Atlantic University; Dr. Meron Levitats; Reverend Charles Burge, Christian Aid.
Shaikh Shafayat Mohamed
Overseeing the Refugee situation at the Syrian-Israeli Border
Rotary Club Key Biscayne

Rotary Club Miramar-Pines

Rotary Club Miramar-Pines
IsraAID Seth-H.-Davis-Executive-Director-USA–and-Voni-Glick-Co-Chief-CEO-Tel-Aviv-Headquarter with Nurit Greenger OZ Executive Director
Professor Kenneth W. Stein, Emory University; Mr. Jeff Levis; Mr. Paul Kruss; The Conservative Black Pastors Network: Pastor Chanel S. Moore; Pastor Raymond Carvil; Pastor Mike Davis; Mr. Philip Fender
Matthew Absolon, Congregation Leader Bet Tfilah; Pastor Abraham Rivera, New Life Christian Church
Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, Churches in Action; Dr. Rafael Gottenger, Venezuelan American Medical Association, VP
Marcelo M. Giusto, Consul General of the Republic of Argentina
Elgun Mehdiyev, Consul from Azerbaijan and wife Khatira Huseynova Mahomed Khan (Muslim, advocate of social harmony)

Pedro Agustin Valencia, L Consul General of Colombia in Miami

Explaining Israel’s assistance to Syrian refugees
Explaining the Venezuelan Refugee crisis