Latin American Refugees and Moral Communities
Expo & Conference

The topic of refugees at some level needs to be considered from the individual human perspective and not be defined solely in terms of national security, cultural identity, or economic impact.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Stakeholders-individuals and institutions are invited to register to participate

Speakers are invited to present papers and conduct workshops

Organizations are invited to request booth’s space.

Open to the Public and Free

Panels & Workshops in English & Spanish

5201 South Flamingo Road
Cooper City

The Pentecostals of Cooper City


Why the need of a conference?

A number equal to a fifth of America’s population, nearly half that of Russia and more than the entire population of Britain: 72 million persons are displaced by violence and persecution, disasters, environmental degradation, development projects, poverty, and poor governance.

This unprecedented humanitarian crisis is not only happening during our generation’s watch, but it is also happening in our own backyard.

An estimated 5,000 Venezuelans pack up their lives and leave every day in what has become the largest exodus in modern Latin American history

The number of Venezuelans fleeing is expected to reach 5.3 million by the end of 2019, while a study warns that ”if during 2019 some variables remain at their current level the total number of Venezuelan migrants could reach more than 8 million.

Moral communities- those communities who profess concern about their fellow human beings- lack awareness not only of the magnitude but the complexity of the most defining issue of the half of the 21st century: how we treat each other.

The Latin American Refugees and Moral Communities Expo and Conference is

an event of global importance, bringing practitioners and decision-makers from leading international organizations,


governmental bodies,


aid workers,




religious organizations, and the private sector


to join their hands to address the global needs of the people and countries in the Americas

affected by an unprecedented influx of forcefully displaced persons.


A perfect and timely platform to network, discuss and share challenges, experiences, best practices, identify innovative solutions and seize new opportunities to support the crisis-affected communities.


LARMC Conference and Expo offers an international forum to share and debate cutting-edge developments in refugee assistance.


The event pays special attention to strategies and best practices in integration. Ultimately, the refugee issue is about people: their worth, destiny, rights, and responsibilities.


LARMC Expo and Conference goal is to provide an outstanding conference experience to attendees with great professional development from top experts in the field.

The LARMC Expo and Conference endeavors to build bridges between various actors and countries from around the globe engaged in addressing the needs of millions of Latin American refugees

The LARMC Expo and Conference strive to provide a platform where humanitarian assistance providers can interface with relevant actors from the corporate and governmental sectors with a view to creating meaningful synergies in support of those in need.

Transfer and share valuable knowledge through presentations, debates, and dialogues

Why Be Part?

Looking for ways to help those that cannot help themselves is the right thing to do

  • Meet the key decision-makers and leading humanitarian agencies and organizations to convene and exchange experiences and to discuss key humanitarian issues
  • Join the International Humanitarian Aid community
  • Network & connect with all kinds of professionals from around the world
  • Make new contacts and find donors.
  • Be Inspired and Renewed by wonderful keynotes & presentations
  • Return to your community refreshed & revitalized with new strategies to help

Why Exhibit?

As an exhibitor at LARMC you will not only create awareness about your work, but you will also forge new relationships and alliances, deepen your knowledge of what others are doing to assist Refugees in the  Americas, and have a direct impact on the Latin American refugee situation

Call For Papers

Prospective speakers are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research abstracts, papers and e-posters.

Also, high-quality research contributions describing work in all areas of Latin American Immigration and Refugee Studies are cordially invited for presentation at the conference.

Register to the Latin American Refugees Conference and Expo

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